...trekking experience on the Lemon Trails

La Via dei Limoni

Villa Carlotta> Church of San Michele> Path of Lemons> Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare> visit of Maiori + Montecorvo> Norman Tower

Leaving the Villa, the first stop is the church of San Michele a Torre, frescoed in Byzantine style. Continue through the lush valley that separates Minori from Maiori, in a riot of Mediterranean scrub and lemon groves, where the Sfusato Amalfitano is produced, the local lemon, famous all over the world for its exceptional shape and organoleptic properties. The route ends at the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare in Maiori, crosses the historic centre and wedged between the alleys of the ancient “Lazzaro” district, continues along Via Montecorvo, a suggestive walk that leads to the Torre Normanna

Convent of San Nicola

Villa Carlotta> Convent of San Nicola> Maiori

It is the place of the heart of the Minoresi, the destination for the pilgrimage of May 1st, the day in which St. Nicholas is celebrated. After the small church of San Michele a Torre, take the long climb that leads to the open space in front of the convent of San Nicola a Forcelle (CAI 315c), from where it is possible to admire one of the most beautiful views of the Amalfi Coast. Leaving the convent, return to the Path of the Lemons, descending along the Mayorese side of Monte Torina (sent. CAI 315a). Continue to Maiori.

Visit of Minori

Villa Carlotta> Via Casa Marrazza> historic centre

Leaving the Villa, in front of the car park, on the external side of the road, take the steps that go to the centre of Minori.
On the beach of the ancient Rheginna Minor, a wonderful Villa Marittima was built in the first century and made it first tourist resort on the Amalfi Coast. At the time of the Minori Maritime Republic, it became an important merchant port, home to naval arsenals, warehouses and in 987 a bishopric. Over the centuries to come, the town produced paper, lemons, and the famous “Pasta della Costa” ... Today, Minori is a “city of flavours” and a visit cannot not taste the gastronomic and confectionery specialties. Do not miss the walks through the alleys of the historic centre, to reach the narrow churches, the Bell Tower of the Annunziata, the Church of Santa Trofimena, the church of Santa Lucia, the churches of San Gennaro and Giuliano in Villamena or the Roman Villa Marittima...

Ravello (Round trip)

Villa Carlotta> Via Santa Croce> Borgo Torello> visit of Ravello> via Paradiso (sent. CAI 315b)

Leaving the Villa, on the external side of the road, take the steps that go to the centre of Minori. Continue walking downhill and, a few metres after ANTICA RHEGINNA LUXURY ROOMS, on the right side of the road, take the steps of Via Villamena, and go up until reaching the road. Cross the road and continue going up to the Churches of Saints Gennaro and Giuliano and of the Madonna del Rosario in Villamena. Leaving the churches on the left, go along Via Santa Croce, then take the steps that climb up to the village of Torello. Continue going up towards the Oscar Niemeyer Auditorium, reaching the centre of Ravello. To return to Villa Carlotta, return to Torello, then continue towards Minori along Via Paradiso, which descends along the western side of the village.

Vineyard Traversa

Villa Carlotta> Via Santa Caterina> Vigna Traversa> visit to Ravello> via Paradiso (CAI 315b)

Follow the previous path up to the churches of San Gennaro and San Giuliano and the Madonna del Rosario. Turn right and proceed parallel to the churches up to the first intersection, then turn left and take the steps that go up (Via Santa Caterina). It takes 30 minutes to reach Via della Repubblica. Turn right and continue to the family vineyard.

Valle delle Ferriere

Departure from Scala, arrival in Amalfi:
HIGH VALLEY - Length: 7 Km approx. | Time: 3 h 30 '| Difficulty: E (difference in altitude + 600 - 450 m)
From Scala, through the magnificent views of Punta Aglio and Pellagra, reaching the Source of the Fica Noce. Then continue through the woods of Tavernate up to Pogerola. Return to Amalfi following the steps of the Pomicara!
AANTICA FERRIERA - Length: 11 Km | Time: 5 h | Difficulty: EE (difference in altitude +/- 560 m)
Alternatively, from Fica Noce go downhill, walking along the river (keeping to the left), until reaching the Valle dei Mulini, then to Amalfi.

SentierPath of the Gods

It is the most famous path in Southern Italy, to which the high-sounding name derives from the fact that only the gods could have conceived such a beautiful path!

Length: 6 Km | Time: 4 h | Difficulty: E (difference in altitude +170 -630 m)

From Agerola go to Nocelle, then continue to Positano via the 1,700 steps of Via Arienzo or following the old road to Montepertuso and then again steps, through “la Pestella”, then Li Parlati ... Departure from Agerola and arrival in Positano.



Via Casa Palomba, Minori(SA)
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Via Casa Palomba, Minori(SA)
tel.: +39 089 851418